Missing the bus…

Ever miss your ride? We all have at some point, I can still remember running down the hill (in vain) to the bus stop trying to wave down the school bus. I also remember that feeling in my stomach as it passed by. The stress of “ok now what do I do”, and the disappointment in myself for not doing what I knew I had to.

It is far to easy to get caught up in what we are doing and start to miss things left and right. Like sitting down for a healthy meal. Going outside just to walk or enjoy a break in the weather. Enjoying the time that we have one on one with our children. Missing, skipping…blocking from our memory that workout we promised ourselves we would do.

That “I’ll take the next one” attitude starts to kick in. We start missing those sunny days, spend all our family time stressing about homework, and stop looking in the mirror because it reminds us of those workouts we have been skipping. We put best interest on pause waiting for the right time to get started.

The brutal truth is that time keeps marching on and those windows to truly enjoy our lives become smaller and smaller as we march along with it. The opportunity and ability that we have today slow but surely start to diminish.

Make this the day, the week, the holiday that you stop marching just long enough to see the beauty of the world around us, tell the people you love what they really mean to you, and do yourself a favor and get up and get into the dojo, or gym, or the track.

It feels good to sweat, to push your body past what you think it can do. Because it is one of the few places where time slows down for a second. Where we stop thinking about lists and dedlines, and only thing in your mind is taking that next step, making that next kick, or finishing that last thirty seconds of the round. You are totally in the moment, you are flowing, and connected to yourself and your immediate environment.

The bus is coming, make sure you are on it!

If you need help getting there stop into any of our adult classes for free the entire month of December.

-Joshua Page



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