We are a White Belt School

“We are a Blackbelt School!” This is the motto of many, many, martial arts schools, and it’s not a bad thing. The goal of blackbelt is a worthy and enriching goal, and when achieved it is an accomplishment that you can look back on with pride.

However what do you do when you reach that goal? For many the race is now over, the hard work is done, we have reached the mountain top and it is all down hill from here……..but is it really?

A Blackbelt is just a beginning just like the white belt is just a beginning, and probably a little less significant. Why? The earning your white belt signifies our first step in martial arts, earning your blackbelt should not be your last.

To put a spin on another martial arts cliche “A new blackbelt that quits, is just a white belt that wasted 4 to 8 years of their time.”

The main goal is not a blackbelt, it’s not a green belt, it’s not a red and white belt. The goal is to keep improving, keep stretching ourselves, to keep breaking down our boundaries, both physical and mental. To keep a white belt mentality, of constant first steps and new beginnings.

The concept of a Blackbelt, and Mastery in martial arts today is overrated, and profoundly misunderstood. What are you a master of? How can you be a master of something that is constantly evolving? Mastery as we commonly define it is the death of learning, and evolving new skill, new knowledge, and accountability for your personal development.

We have been so blessed to be able to train, able to use martial arts as a tool to develop our bodies, minds, and spirits. Don’t sell yourself short by stoping at the roadsigns, and not the destination.

Our doors are always open for you to come and train, to anyone who is willing to be part of a “white belt school”. See you on the mat soon.

-Joshua Page, http://www.hickorymartialarts.com


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