The Joy of “under abundance”


Many of us….most of us live a life of abundance. Just take a look in your closet, in your kids room, or playroom, oh and check the fridge while you are at it. We are surrounded by an over abundance of so many “things”.

In the midst of all these things like the clothes that we will never wear, the food we will never eat, the toys our kids will never play with, we still continue to collect more and more. Each purchase has it’s own promise of happiness, and sometimes it even delivers…until the next new shiny thing catches our eye.

It becomes and ever continuing and widening cycle that we all, myself included, get caught up in.

If we know and recognize that this is a part of our daily lives, that we are living in an ever increasing mountain of “stuff”, and more importantly we still don’t seem happy, or satisfied I present the following idea:

Live a Life of “Under Abundance”.  Get rid of all the things that we don’t need, every thing we wouldn’t replace if there was a fire. Strip away all of the excess, so we can concentrate on all the things that do matter. Take out the things that we just like, so we can focus on the things that we love.

Maybe as a result we will be able to really enjoy the people and things in our life that matter most, maybe we will even stop running ourselves in circles working to much and too hard for the things we don’t really need that can never bring us the joys of “under abundance”.

-Joshua Page


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