Your Last 1,000 Words

I have to admit it, I am an Eddie Murphy fan. The way he speaks, his wit, and comedy always make me laugh. Recently however I was surprised when I was watching one of his latest movies. His character in this particular film had a peculiar problem, he only had 1,000 words left before he died!

Can you imagine if that was a reality in your life? If with each word you said you got closer and closer to the end of your existence. What would you say…would you say anything at all!

Sometimes we underestimate the power of our words, and the very impact they have on our health, on the lives of others, and for the future generations we are molding and shaping with the very sounds that are escaping our lips each day.

People are constantly talking, communicating in person, on the phone, online. We literally fill our skies with our conversations, we broadcast them all over the planet, and beyond.

What is the conversation you are cultivating? What are the things you are talking about? What is the impact the words you are speaking today? 

If you took your last 1,000 words and wrote them down what story would it tell? Are there more I love you’s then I hate you’s? Is there motivation, or desperation in those words. What are the last 1,000 words you said to the people you love. What were the last 1,000 words you spoke to yourself?

Each and every day is not just another chapter in your life, you are also speaking into the lives of others that you know and love, and even those people that would see you fall, even people you will never meet face to face.

What is the conversation, the book, the dialog you want to have with this world, and more importantly are you having it?

We cannot control our last thousand words. As much as we wish we could, We cannot go back and edit them. We can however control the next 1,000. We can make sure this next chapter leaves something worth hearing in it, and if we can continue that process again and again then just maybe our last 1,000 words, our last 10,000, our 100,000 words will be the conversation we wanted to have. Will make the impact we want to make. We will become the change we so desperately wish we could be.

I look forward to my next thousand chances to really express myself, to make a statement worth hearing, and more than that I cannot wait to hear yours!

Peace, and Blessings

Joshua Page


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