Your time, my time,…..out time is constantly moving forward. Racing into the future and an ever increasing pace, robbing us of our abilities, of our health, even those we love……and the worst part is that we can do nothing about it.

Our time will tick by regardless of how we use it, how much we value it, or how much we enjoy it.

Take back your time, enjoy all the minutes and seconds of your day. Squeeze all the love, and life out of each day.

Soak up all the sun you can, while you can. Dance in the rain, don’t let it ruin your day, take that time back. Dance through that storm, grateful to be a part of it.

Love openly, and honestly, we don’t have time for unsaid words, and unheld hands.

Live, Live, Live while there is still LIFE to be had.

Joshua Page, http://www.hickorymartialarts.com


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