Be You, Be Happy……

“Nobody can be you better than you can.” You have heard that, or something like it. It seems like easy advice, like something you already do. I mean you are you all the time aren’t you?

Most of the time we spend our lives being who we think other people want us to be, who we think other people are, the people we see on social media, at the party, driving downtown in the nice car…….the list goes on.

What we fail to understand is that most of these people are doing the same thing we are doing, playing a role, looking, acting, and thinking in a way to try and fit in, to try and be like everyone else and wondering why we are not happy, why it is difficult to sleep at night, and why Mondays are the worst day of the week.

Be you, find out what makes you happy. Discover what gives you a sense of accomplishment. Explore the thoughts and ideas that make you feel alive. Spend the time wondering what makes the people you love feel good, and less guessing what society wants you be.

Be you……Be Happy!

Joshua Page,


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