“Tired of Losing….”

IMG_4080.JPGThey say winning is a habit, and they are right. There is a mindset, lifestyle, routine, and expectation that comes with being successful.

Small victories have a way of accumulating, and building momentum that you might not see, but that are necessary to lay the foundation for bigger success down the road.

Unfortunately, losing is a habit too! Big failures are made up of tiny, seemingly insignificant failures months, years, and decades before they might even be noticed.

That last repetition that you skip, that last round on the pads, or in the ring, that extra cheat day on your diet, that one time you decided to just skip class, all have a way of forming a pattern, a behavior, a culture of…..giving up, of losing.

Tomorrows victory, is paid with today’s sacrifice.

Focusing on the big victory can make it seem impossible, can be discouraging, can make you want to quit. Sometimes it is imperative to take a step back, and focus on the small tasks, to details, to win the smallest victory, to win 10,000 small victories……most likely they will make the big victory just another day in the life of a winner!

-Joshua Page,



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