About the Author

This blog is dedicated to sharing the ideas, thoughts, and training of a Sensei as he makes his journey of self improvement both on and off the mat.

About Joshua:

Sensei Joshua Page is the head instructor at the Hickory Academy of Martial Arts, and was an active sport karate competitor from 1990 to 2013 culminating with a NBL Sparring World Championship. A martial artist for nearly 25 years and counting,  Sensei is proud to be the coach of multiple World Champions. More importantly he prides himself on creating champions in life, and has dedicated a large portion of his time to spreading kindness in his community and further with his Book on Simple Kindness: “If you always give, you always have”, and the follow up project “Out of Harms Way” which is dedicated to helping families with children who are being bullied.

After the Success of this book Sensei has began speaking to companies, schools, churches…and any group he can to help spread simple kindness, and share the lessons of success, happiness, and the value of reaching your full potential both on and off the mat.



Other Information:

Martial Arts Accomplishments:

5th Degree Blackbelt in American Freestyle under Sensei Arthur Fergeson
3rd Degree Blackbelt in Shotokan under Sensei Tammy Zimmerman
2nd Degree Blackbelt in Kubodo (traditional weapons) under Sensei Johnny Watkins
1st Degree Blackbelt in Shito-Ryu under Sensei Larry Dilingham
Purple Belt in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu under Sensei Jeremy Robertson

2002 SKI Breaking Champion
2006 Inducted into the NBL Hall of Fame for the Blue Ridge Conference
2007 MATT Fighting, Traditional Forms and Weapons Champion
2007 NBL Bronze Metal in Traditional Weapons
2010 NAGA Grappaling 1st Place Winner

Multiple Time Forms and Fighting Grand Champion

2013 NBL Sparring World Champion Trained and Coached 10 SKI, NBL and NASKA Fighting Champions

Non Martial Arts accomplishments:
2001 Appalachian State Graduate in Psychology

Out of all these Sensei is most proud of his wonderful wife Holly and their three beautiful boys Connor, Tanner, and Lucas.

Find out more about our martial arts school here:


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