The Case for Kindness….

Imeboysn the Immortal words of Patrick Swayze from the classic film Road House (ok maybe classic is a stretch) “Be Nice…Until it’s time Not to be nice.”
Great advice, but it begs the question. When is it time not to be nice? When exactly is enough…enough? When do you have the Green Light not to be nice?
We see people making the decision to “not be nice” daily. Just think about the last time you were in traffic….especially when there is road construction going on, or a slow driver… the left lane. Or maybe in the drive thru when you have to do the dreaded “drive up and wait for your food”, even worse…..when your Netflix is being slow! Did you make the decision not to be nice one of those times?
Of course you did, we all do, and probably….most likely….more often than not… didn’t help at all. It probably didn’t make you feel any better, and it defintly didn’t make anyone else feel great either.
So the answer to when is it time “not to be nice” is……never. There is always a chance to smile, always time to breath and take a second to respond the right way, to push aside all those unhelpful things and to just be nice.
It doesn’t mean you can’t be honest, or genuine. Or that you have to be a door mat for people to walk all over.
It means that even when the answer is no, or when you have to relay bad news, or you are on the receiving end of some good old fashioned “ugliness” you can always be nice.
Kindness is the one commodity that increases the more its used. It is that secret ingredient that makes everything taste better. It is the invisible beauty product that gives your face and your personality just a little more glow. It is the medicine that heals in a way that is hard to see, but easy to feel. It is the gift that makes the giver and the receiver feel like they both got something priceless.
Not Convinced? Then I challenge you to take our 50 Day Kindness Challenge it is a simple program, its free, and if it doesn’t work we will triple refund you (did I mention its free). 
bookNeed More Help? Simply Download our free “50 Days” Book to get ideas and step by step instructions and challenges to reach 50 awesome acts of kindness.
What you will find is the power of simply being nice….to be nice, and you will feel the clam and peace that comes from letting go of all those “not to be nice” moments, and you might even help some one else do the same……

Raindrops, to Waterfalls, to a Better World

Our actions are like raindrops, falling and filling the hearts and minds of those around us.

Enough drops full of hate, anger, and spite will flood and fill even the kindest heart, enough drops full of hope, love, and kindness can melt the coldest and most callous heart.

Someone, somewhere needs you….to be you. Not who the media tells you to be, or what advertising tells you to be, who you think society wants you to be, but who God intended you to be…..a light to the lost, a hand outstretched, a smile shared, the first drop of kindness to fill an empty heart.

Joshua Page,

Hickory Academy of Martial Arts



You might be having a tough day already, might even be feeling frustrated and and mad already…..

but someone you will see today is having a far worse day, dealing with unimaginable stress and hardships. They need a sign, a comfort, a message from God, something just to make it to Tomorrow.

The good news is that God loves you so much, trusts you so completely, has so much faith in you, he wants you to deliver that message of hope. Simply through your smile, your words, by simply being who God made you to be.

Today is a great day to stand up and deliver, and see that there is a message in there for you too.

Giving until it feels good

Giving shouldn’t hurt…..even though it seems to every time we look into our wallet, or peer into our bank account.

Giving is not about giving what we have, rather sharing the blessings that have been given to us.

So give when it hurts, when it is uncomfortable, when it is inconvenient, and until it feels…….good.

Raising a “Bully Proof” Child Step Two: Kindness

184412_10200199807820708_1455975595_nPart two in our conversation about raising kids, and equipping children to deal with, prevent, and stand up against Bullying.

This article is in our opinion, explores the essential key not just to developing bully proof kids, but to develop the mindset, and habits that develop “bully proof’ Adults as well. Of course we are talking about kindness!

Kindness is that root characteristic, the foundation, on which all of our essential character traits stand on. Honesty, Integrity, Benevolence, Non-Violence, and Service all spring from the kind and giving heart.

How to you teach kindness………Example and PRACTICE.

We are what we repeatedly do. In other words we are, what our habits are. Make Kindness, both random, planned, and ongoing a part of your daily life. Make an effort to chart, or record your kind acts, until it become a part of your routine.

We have made considerable effort to make this easy for families to adopt through our Kindness Rocks Campaign ( , and through our free Book: If you always Give, You always Have.

Be kind, Be Bold…..Change the World by Changing Yourself!


Flying into Fear

We all have obstacles that hold us back, keep us from our potential, lock us in place.

It’s what makes overcoming those things so important to our success, so important for us to become the people we dream to be. For me the fear of speaking to a crowd, or really to anyone I did not know, and the fear of flying held me back for so many years.

What is that you want to accomplish, who are you dying to be? More importantly why aren’t you there yet?

Is it fear that is holding you back? Fear of failure, fear of success, or just fear of trying?

Whatever it is, let this be the day, the month, the year that you fly headfirst into those fears! If you reach your goal, if you fall short…it doesn’t matter for you will have won the victory of fear, and in the end that is the biggest victory of all.

10 Distinctions for Success in 2013


2013 is here, and we wanted to share a few distinctions between success and failure to help make this your best year yet!

1) Success is being grateful for what you have, failure is looking past your blessings for the things you don’t need.

2) Success is helping others….just to help others, failure is helping yourself….without helping anyone but yourself.

3) Success is making a difference in just one person, failure is trying to change just one person.

4) Success is listening to your own voice, failure is letting others speak for you.

5) Success is learning new skills, failure is relying on last years gains.

6) Success is “paying it forward” with all your relationships, failure is “cashing out” the people you love.

7) Success is understanding the value of your time, failure is wasting it on the things that don’t matter.

8) Success is living in the face of your fears, failure is living in their shadow.

9) Success is in winning….and losing, failure is in avoiding one or the other.

10) Success is passed on, failure… too. Choose your example carefully!

Happy New…….You!,

Joshua Page,


In Just a few days my youngest son turns three years old….already! Where did three years go so fast? As I take a minute to think back over the last three years I realize just how much time we have been able to share together, all the things we have done, and how our relationship has grown and changed so much over the course of our time together. However if I could go back, there is so much more I would have liked to have done with him, and the rest of our family.

Time is so deceptively cruel, as it constantly rolls forward be we sometimes are lulled to sleep by it’s gentle tick, tock, tick, tock. It’s milestones like Birthdays that help to remind us that time has indeed passed, and another year of our precious time is behind us!

That is what makes our daily habits so powerful. What we do even in the smallest capacity, has the power to radically change our lives over the course of time. 

Imagine if you made a conscious decision and commitment to train for just 4% of your day, each and every day between Birthdays. What would you look like at that next celebration? How would you feel? How would the quality of your health, relationships, and happiness be affected by this small change in your life?

There is a saying in chess that applies to life and time “all the pieces go back in the same box when the game is over”. However it doesn’t address how much they made of the board they were placed on, how they enjoyed the game they were in, and how they affected the rest of the board!

What will your impact be, what will you make of your time in the game, will you long for time to make one more move or will you move off the board knowing you played a game worth remembering?

Joshua Page, 

“The Constant Gardener…”

We had a “secret gardener” recently that donated flowers to the front of our school. They came in and arranged them in some nice flower pots, without ever taking the credit for them. Of course in a small town like ours I was able to find out who our secret gardener was.

I haven’t said anything to them yet, it has been too much fun watching from my office window as they come and go from our school pausing each time to tend to the flowers. Smiling as they remove the weeds, and put the flower pots in just the right position. It makes me feel good to know that however bad their day might be going, whatever stress they might have in their life, that waiting at our doors is a small sliver of sunshine, a reminder of the beauty they are spreading in the world.

Thats the wonderful thing about kindness, it affects both the giver and receiver. It does not diminish with time, or wash away with the rain. Real kindness grows in both it’s reach and depth over time.

Are you ready to start gardening yet? You have the power to cultivate fields of happiness and joy in the lives of others. What seeds will you sow this week?

Falling Leaves…

While I was driving this morning, I could not help but notice the leaves starting to fall off the trees. Seeing the leaves floating away in the cool breeze brings a certain feeling of comfort. It is almost as if the trees are taking a big sigh of relief, as a huge burden gently falls away.

Nature is so perfect at removing all those things that are unnecessary to the trees, that overabundance of leaves that would otherwise weigh the trees down over the cold days that lay ahead. Of striping them down to the bare essentials to let them continue to grow strong roots during the winter, and be in a position to spring back to life in full bloom as the cold days give way to the warm sunshine yet again.

Do you have an overabundance of leaves, as you head into this next season of your life? Are you burdened by the weight of all of your possessions, both old and new. In our ever expanding pursuit of things does the collection of more “leaves” make you happier, healthier, wealthier? Do they help you capture the best from your life?

Lift up your branches and let all that is excess, all that weighs you down, all that takes away your focus from what is vital, float away in that gentle breeze.

Take away the abundance of your possessions, to experience the joy of truly abundant living. 

Challenge yourself to spending the entire winter without buying anything new, except for the absolute essentials. Experience the joy of getting the full value out of everything you own, out of cultivating appreciation for the things that you have and need, not for what you want.

-Joshua Page