Just Jump…..Why You Should Start Martial Arts Now

“As soon as I get in shape…..When my schedule is not so busy…..when I have a little more money……as soon as I start my diet……when I get a little stronger.”


We have all heard these or said these before starting our martial arts training. They are the little things we tell ourselves and others about why we can’t train…..and they are all natural.

 The truth is we know deep down that we really want to train, but the thought of walking into an Academy just plain scares us.


The good news is…..you don’t have to be! Training in a good Academy will not be a scary experience, will not require you to be an Olympic athlete, and it not just affordable…..but you can’t afford not to do it!

 “AS SOON AS I GET IN SHAPE”………They only way to get in martial arts shape, is by doing martial arts. No other exercise can duplicate the movement and coordination you develop on the mat. More importantly it is one of the only forms of exercise that lets you develop at your own pace, that focuses on perfect technique, and smooth repetition.

 “When my Schedule is not so Busy”…….The truth is, our schedule is never going to slow down. Life has a way of piling up responsibilities, events, obligations. We have to make time for ourselves, to remember we have the power to create the lives we want to live. The great news is you can stay consistent, make phenomenal growth, and reach your goals by setting aside a few hours each week and sticking to it.

The Average Adult spends 3 Hours a day in screen time……..imagine just investing that much time on yourself over the course of a whole week. We create time for the things we value!

 “I Can’t Afford to Train.” The cost of training might seem expensive at first glance, but training at most Academies only costs between 3 to 5 Dollars a day. Less than the Starbucks you picked up this morning, or the First Run Movie Ticket you bought this weekend, less than a night out on the town…..and that is just the short term.  Consider the long term cost…..your insurance copay is probably more expensive than 3 to 6 Months of Training. Medication to treat preventable illness and injury, the cost of injuries that could be avoided by training, just the feeling and benefit of having a healthy body outweighs the cost of class. You literally cannot Afford to Train!

 Training at a Good Academy is like becoming a part of a Positive, Caring, Team. Where each person is dedicated not just to self improvement, but to helping you improve too! The atmosphere is positive, the classes are challenging and fun….and it is kind of place that you look forward to coming back to.

 Don’t wait………Jump. Jump into training, into a new life, a new year, and a journey that will last a Lifetime!

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10 Commandments of The Dojo

Joining a Martial Arts School, or Academy can be a little confusing (kind of like your first service at a Catholic Church) when to stand, when to sit when to talk, when to do anything!

With this in mind we developed the 10 Commandments of the Dojo to help get you in the door, on the mat, and through class without having a panic attack, or more importantly without doing pushups.

1) Be Clean: Wear a clean uniform to each class, wear your shoes or flip flops when you are off the mat (especially the bathroom), and no shoes on the mat. Jiu-Jitsu Students make sure to take a shower after each class.

2) Be Respectful: Treat everyone at the Academy the way you wish to be treated, use control and care when drilling, when            sparring, and make sure to address the Instructors with proper manners and respect.

3) Do your best: Give your best effort, your best enthusiasm, and energy in each class. Our classes are designed to be challenging, and to stretch your limits. Stay focused and positive and you will advance and thrive during our training sessions.

4) Be consistent: Stay on a regular training schedule. The more you can come to the Academy on the same days on the same times each week, the more likely you are to be successful. Make sure not to miss class as much as possible, 80% of success is just showing up!

5) Stay Connected: It’s called the internet people! Bookmark your Academy’s website, follow their facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. Be involved in the events, seminars, and happening in the life of your Academy. Stay Connected!

6) Train at Home: Get the most out of your program by training at home each week. Warm up, stretch, stretch and STRETCH, and then review your basics. Make sure to go over some of the skills, and drills you enjoy doing, make home training enjoyable. (did we mention to stretch)

7) Be Responsible: Wear your complete uniform and belt to each class. Bring all your required gear to each class as well. Make sure to label your uniform, belt and gear if you do manage to leave it at the Academy. Remember you are responsible for you! 

8) Test on Time: Be consistent with your training to stay on track for belt testing. Listen more than you speak in class, watch the higher belts, find ones that motivate and inspire you. Ask your instructor for feedback, and for drills to help you through problem areas. Finally, just be patient…..the journey is always more important than the destination.  

9) Be a Leader: As you begin to climb the belt ladder and gain more experience, remember to lead a positive example and be helpful to all the belt rank below you and all of the students who are younger than you. Become a role model for others to follow!

10) Share: Pass on the benefits, the healthy lifestyle, and positive life skills you are learning by inviting friends and family to class. The highest compliment you can pay your instructors, and the Academy is to refer someone to start training. Share the joy of training, and become a martial arts mentor them on the mats each week.