Being a Nail to Become a Hammer


Everyone is prepared to win. To accept victory. To hold the Trophy. 

Not everyone has wrapped their brain around being…….well……just plain whooped. 

It takes the right frame of mind to accept that today was not your day, that no mistakes were made in the judging, no excuses can explain away, no amount of denial will erase the fact that today you were the nail, and someone else was the hammer.

Most people react to being the nail by quitting whatever it is that they happen to be a nail in. That might be a karate, or jiu-jitsu class, it could be a sport, it might even be a class at school, a subject of interest, or even a relationship. 

To them being a nail is too much of many different emotions, like embarrassment, like failure, like they are inferior, like they are weak, like many different things that just makes their stomach churn.

What they fail to understand is that being a nail is the only way understand how to be a hammer.

As we begin to deal with what the hammer throws at us, we first begin to understand how to survive adversity, we begin to be toughened by the hammer, we have a chance to calm down in the face of it, and start to see when it is headed for us.

We start to be able to resist it’s force, we begin to find it’s patterns, to understand it’s movement, to know how the hammer does what it does.

Compared to the newer nails we hardly even look like a nail anymore, we certainly don’t act like one. We have been forged by the hammer, not driven away by it.

We are ready to become the hammer, to keep the new nails in check, and shape them the way we have been shaped.

We will teach them how to become a hammer by being a nail because we understand the process through our own experience, through our own perseverance, and through our own time as a nail.

Wherever you are in your journey remember it is a never ending cycle. Sometimes you are the hammer, sometimes you are the nail. Either way, just be glad they haven’t put you back in the tool box yet!

-Joshua Page


Love it….or leave it

To be successful….truly successful, you have to love what you do. It has to be less about what it does for you, and more about how you are serving others.

You can’t fake sincerity, interest, or joy. The best fake smile is always worse than a heartfelt scowl.

Love what you do, live what you love, be sincere and the rest will take care of itself.

Love it…or leave it.

Dedication….from Moment to Moment

Just in case you were thinking about slacking, laying low, skipping out on your goals this week.

Remember this, “winning” and succeeding is not a one time thing, it is not a big event, not one pivotal moment. It is an every day thing, it is a habit, it is in the decisions and actions we make from moment to moment.

Champions are “winning” one second at a time, through continued effort, continuous discipline, through continuing to strive past our own limitations, or own negative self talk, past our doubt, and fears, and the judgments of others.

DEDICATION is not a personality trait, it IS A VERB….something that is breathed into life by being put into ACTION……

-Joshua Page,

Out of Harms Way Episode 7: You can’t run from your problems

Our seventh episode on bullying, and bullying issues deals with dealing with your problems head on, and finding positive outlets to deal with stress, and the people in your life who can support you through a bullying situation.

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Fake it, Till You Make It

“I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.” –Muhammad Ali

Believe in yourself before anyone else does, before your friends, or family do, before you have any good reason to.

Belief in yourself is the key, the essential step in accomplishing anything great in your life. The world will be the last to know, and honestly the last to care when you accomplish something of real value….that is exactly why you have to be the first to believe.

Belief however will not last unless you do something each day to reaffirm that belief, some action towards your goal, some of the hard work to get you closer to your dreams.

So let today be not just about belief, but proof. A day to add some perspiration, to your inspiration!

-Joshua Page,


From Dreams to Goals….

PrintWe all have dreams, desires, aspirations, so few of us set goals. Everyone has the desire to be something bigger than they are, but few have the will to make it happen.

If you want to get closer to the version of yourself you imagine in your head when you are driving home, or singing in the shower, simple writing those goals down on paper (a notebook card) is a great step. Greater still is putting an expiration date on those goals. A set time frame that you will revisit, and evaluate your progress, that if you have not met your goal you will regroup, refocus, and move forward toward accomplishing your goal.

Simply put a Goal is not a Goal if it has no expiration date, no deadline….it is simply a dream.

Don’t get me wrong dreams are great, but what if we stopped living our whole lives in our heads and started living our dreams out loud…..2014 is full of deadlines and expiration dates. How many will you use?

Joshua Page,