The Power of Small Victories

halliead-001.jpgIn martial arts….and in life in general, we have a tendency to look at the big picture, the destination, our big goals and can’t help but be overwhelmed sometimes. 

All of our doubts and fears begin creeping in and it is easy to become discouraged, lose focus, or just plain lose the drive to continue.

When the destination seems to far away, the goal to big, or the mountain is just to tall to climb, that is when we need to focus on the power of small victories.

After all, what is any huge accomplishment, but a collection of many, many small victories.

The Black Belt that just walked into class…..they didn’t earn that black belt from one grueling black belt test. They earned it from 10,000 regular classes, from 10,000 small victories. From those days they didn’t feel like coming to class, but did anyway. From that time they had a bump, or bruise, or small injury…..but they came anyway.

They reached their destination by taking each mile, each hill, each obstacle step by step.

Each small victory has a way of accumulating as you go. Of helping you gain traction, gain momentum, building speed as you go. Like the old steam powered trains that started painfully slow, and gradually build up steam and momentum until they are rocketing down the tracks unstoppable towards their destination.

The question is not will you reach your goal today, are you equipped for your dreams right now? The question is what step, no matter how small, can you take today? What small victory can you accomplish this very day to keep you on those tracks, moving just the tiniest bit forward, or maybe just from keeping you from rolling back? It might seem insignificant now…..but 10,000 days from now it may be the moment that made all the difference in your entire life.  

So get up, get out, and get moving….and win SMALL today!

Joshua Page, Hickory Academy of Martial Arts


Getting a Reward

Rewards, trophies, bonuses, titles are all powerful motivators.

Companies use it to drive productivity, schools use it to improve grades, parents use it to encourage good behavior. 

Rewards are great, and they work well…..but they are only the first step in reaching your potential, in reaching the high levels of success and happiness. 

When we start to see past the rewards, past the carrots dangling in front of our faces, we begin to see the action is the reward. 

That eating healthy is its own reward, exercising is the reward, that self improvement is the reward…..that doing the right thing is the reward….then we will not need the trophy, the carrot, the promise of something good coming our way. 

When we seek to do the right thing in every interaction, every opportunity, we make room for ourselves to be successful, to be happy, and to be blessed with infinitely more than a carrot on a string. 

-Joshua Page