The Person most likely to Attack You!

Mass shootings, car bombings, riots, and genocide are words that we hear all to often in today’s world. 


We are faced with some pretty harsh realities every time we turn on TV, the radio, online…..pretty much anywhere we get our news these days.

It is easy to get caught up, to begin to worry about who is sitting behind you in the theater. About that noise you thought you heard. About that stranger walking too close to you in the parking lot……but……

The reality is right now, statistically speaking, is the safest time to live in all of recorded history. For the most part we come and go through our daily lives in relative safety, without the threat of injury, dismemberment, or death from our fellow man.

The sad reality is that we are more likely to get attacked by ourselves than anyone else.

Our heart is more likely to harm us than anyone else. The killer hiding downstairs is the refrigerator! Filled with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure….and some Tupperware with some  new strain of fungus growing steadily.

quickreliefWe are more likely to be harmed by our device, induced insomnia. By our inability to sleep and decompress without some show, movie, or podcast blurring in our headphones than anyone hiding under our bed.

We are more likely to sabotage ourselves with self doubt, with apathy, and just plain laziness then have someone tamper with our brake lines.

The good news however is that we are our best defense against……..ourselves. Here are a few tips of keeping you safe from YOU!

  1. Turn the devices off! Take time to be connected to people not the internet. To be surrounded with silence every once and a while. IMG_0994To get lost in nature more, and online less. The truth is we are designed to be a part of the world around us, to engage with people, places, and things, and without the aid of a screen.
  2. Trash In, Trash Out! You literally are what you eat. Pick foods that make your body feel good, even if the don’t make your mouth feel good. Buy foods with an ingredient list as small as possible, and made from ingredients that you can pronounce without a chemistry degree. Eat to enjoy the next ten years of your life, and not the next ten minutes.
  3. Invest in Yourself Everyday! Your success, your joy, your health is not a result of major change over short periods of time. It is made from small, incremental changes that we stick with over time. That crash diet… going to crash in a few weeks, but the decision to eliminate carbonated drinks will pay dividends for your entire life.

These are just a few, but they are more than enough to get you started. Good luck, and GET UP, GET OUT, and GET MOVING!



-Joshua Page,



It’s Not Can You….It’s Will You?

“I am too old”, “I have a bad knee”, “I am really busy”, “I am not in good enough shape to do that”….”I don’t like to sweat!”. The list of excuses goes on and on. These are just some of my favorites from people about why they want to train, but can’t because……

It’s not just about training though, we all do a good job is giving ourselves excuses as to why we can’t do the things we want to do, or need to do, but just are ready to commit to the challenge, or the work.

Our cant’s start to define how we live our lives rather than our can’s.

What we need to remind ourselves daily (I know I do) is this simple phrase:

“It’s not can you….It’s will you.”

Will you box yourself in, confine your life to the comfortable, follow the rest of the heard day in and day out?

Or will you define your own boundaries, will you LIVE your life out loud, be the creator of what is possible, the architect of your Dreams

When you take all limitation’s off of you and follow your passion anything is possible, impossible ceases to exist!

It’s not Can You….It’s Will You!!!

If you need some inspiration here is a story that never cease to inspire me. It is about a young man who overcomes great odds to follow his passion of martial arts, and never lets his I Can’t, or Anyone Else’s define his life and following his dreams!