Circling the Mountian

……..Instead of climbing it.

“I’ll get started with class, once I lose a few more pounds.”

“I’m just so busy right now, I am going to start next month.”

“I need to diet, but there is no use to start until the Holidays are over.”

Do any of these sound familiar? Chances are they do. We have either said them ourselves or heard someone else spew them out at some point.

Chances are you also don’t believe a word of these, even when you say them to yourself.

pexels-photo-372098.jpegSo many of us are “circling the mountain….instead of climbing it.” 

Waiting on the strength to finish before you even get started.

What we fail to understand sometimes is that:

It’s not about the strength, it’s about the process.

It’s not about having all the knowledge, it’s about learning as you go.

It’s about making mistakes; massive, embarrassing, painful, and sometimes expensive mistakes. 

It’s about failing over and over and over again, with no lack of enthusiasm.  Success is built on thousands of failures.

Success is embracing the fact that you will fail, but never accepting that those failures are the end of your journey.

The “Climbing” is where the strength is made, the “Climbing” is where the learning happens, the “Climbing” is where your body, mind, and spirit are forged and purified, are made new and better. Where you become transformed into that person of action, that person of influence, that person of ability to climb to the top of the mountain.

pexels-photo-314703.jpegIt’s so crowded at the bottom of the mountain, with masses looking up at the peek, but the top of the mountain is empty, with only a select few people of action looking out from that peek.

Today is a great day to stop looking up at the peek, to stop circling the foot of the mountain, and fix your eyes on the path right in front of your face…..and start climbing. The future you will be glad that you did. 


“You will either tell your day what to do or you will wonder where it went.” Maxwell

IMG_8776-Joshua Page, Hickory Academy of Martial Arts

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  No greater friend, no worse enemy.

The currency of our lives, slipping uncontrollably out of our hands.

It drags, it flies, but always marching ever forward.

Take a moment to breath, to appreciate, to fully be a part of the time slipping by us all.

Be connected to the people and things you love and enjoy. 

Share your love, share your smile, share your time…..none of them are infinite…..but somehow together we can make them last forever.

-Joshua Page

Too. cheap to afford……

A friend of mine shared a though worth repeating. “Cheap is expensive! The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetnes of a low price is Forgotten.”

So often in our high speed world we seek faster, cheaper, and more convenient. Why pay for the movie/music when I can just download it for free? Why ask an expert, I can just YouTube it myself. Why pay the extra money for a little better quality fabric, or buy from a manufacture that operates in this country?

Too often we forget we are not paying for just the materials, we are paying for the quality, for the experience, for the craftsmanship that is behind a quality service, or good. We are paying for the service, for the care, and for the quality that we expect.

Saving short term, means just that. You will always end up paying more in the long run. When it comes to quality, to buying things that matter, that make a difference in the quality of your life……Spend now, save later!

Joshua Page,

Hickory Academy of Martial Arts

Enjoy the Moment….

Life seems to have a tendency to go faster and faster. To speed up as we grow up. To fly by us, without letting us grab a firm hold on exactly how much of our life has speed past our grasp. 

When those few still moments float by, when those magical minutes arrive, grab them. Hold onto them, live every second of them. Those few seconds my very well be the brightest, warmest, and most real of this ever swirling life.

-Joshua Page,

The Pain of Sacrifice, the Pain of Regret

Pain is something we all try to avoid, is natural to steer clear of, it’s a part of our very DNA.

However as you know pain is unavoidable in our daily lives, and sometimes our greatest suffering comes from trying to avoid pain.

We try to put it off, try to focus on whats easy now, what feels good in the present and delay our most important pain. The pain of sacrifice.

The pain of getting out of the bed to run at 5am, the pain of making those changes in your diet, of sitting down to do those taxes, to go back to school, to put in the work now that gets us to where we want to go later.

The crazy thing is no matter how much we put off the pain of sacrifice, we have to pay it at some point, and when we do it comes with the tax of the pain of regret, is magnified over each and every day we wait to get going.

The hardest part of moving a boulder it just getting it started, eventually, and with enough momentum the boulder takes care of itself. It builds steam, and goes father, and further than you could have imagined all those hours, and days, and month you waited for it to move all by itself.

-Joshua Page,

Find the Right Ears

I wanted to share with you guys an excerpt from a new book project I am working on with Nate Lambert, we have been working with children and families going through bullying situations for the past few years and decided to devote the time and effort to make an interactive book families can use to deal with bullying. 

Enjoy the following short excerpt, give us feedback, idea, or questions about bullying we can add to our book, or just share your bullying story and help us keep someone “out of harms way”. 


  1. Find the Right Ears 

We have identified our problems, we have decided the best way to communicate our problems, we have practiced and rehearsed and know we are ready to make a leap of faith and ask for help, but who do we ask and why? What if they don’t care? What if they don’t help……all of the what if’s are swirling around your head right now, all of the doubt, and even all those things the bully is saying about you are probably bubbling up to the surface. Your self esteem, and self efficacy are at an all time low. 

But…..don’t worry, it is normal, very normal. Everyone feels, or has felt that exact same way at some point or another, and getting through this initial resistance is part of getting your problem solved, one giant leap closer to getting past this ugly situation, and back to enjoying your life at school, or work, or whatever space a bullying is stealing from you. It is part of a process that you will build a lifetime of future success upon. 

So don’t look at this part with dread, or fear, or doubt, embrace it, get excited, help is on the way!

4) Qualities of the right ears:

Now that we are ready to talk, let’s talk about who we can confide this issue with. 

  1. Find someone you trust: pick someone you know that is trustworthy, that you feel safe telling your problem to. Parents, pastors, teachers, coaches, a close friend can be good places to start. 
  2. Find Someone who can help: Your dog will listen to your problem, will care, and probably love to help…..but they are not in any position to. Pick someone who is in a position to make a difference with their words or influence. The old phrase “it’s not what you know…it’s who you know” comes to mind with this step. Look for a person of positive influence. 
  3. Find Someone who is fair: We are not looking for revenge, someone to bully our bully, so we don’t need to look for a bigger bully, or someone who is only interested in your outcome. We need someone who will work with you, and the bully, who has everyone’s best interest in mind. Look for someone who can help…..everyone. 
  4. Find a person of action: So many people talk, and so few walk. Look for a person of action, who will get things done, and won’t stop until the job is done, again we don’t just need someone to lend an ear like our faithful dog will, but someone who will lend a hand. Find a person of action.

Exercise: Make a list of people with the right kind of ears. Some of them might not have all those qualities, or you may be unsure about them, but we will always have doubts, and fears. We have to plan as best as we can and then become persons of action ourselves and speak up to someone we think will help. 


From the upcoming book “Out of Harms Way” by Joshua Page and Nate Lambert


Out of Harms Way Episode 3: Finding Your Voice

The Third Episode in our Anti Bullying Web Series explores “finding your voice. With the goal of helping kids being bullied understand the importance of clear, honest communication with a trusted adult, especially your parents, and the value of sharing your feelings, asking for help, and using all the helpful people who love and support you.
See the whole series as it unfolds:

Flying into Fear

We all have obstacles that hold us back, keep us from our potential, lock us in place.

It’s what makes overcoming those things so important to our success, so important for us to become the people we dream to be. For me the fear of speaking to a crowd, or really to anyone I did not know, and the fear of flying held me back for so many years.

What is that you want to accomplish, who are you dying to be? More importantly why aren’t you there yet?

Is it fear that is holding you back? Fear of failure, fear of success, or just fear of trying?

Whatever it is, let this be the day, the month, the year that you fly headfirst into those fears! If you reach your goal, if you fall short…it doesn’t matter for you will have won the victory of fear, and in the end that is the biggest victory of all.

Your Last 1,000 Words

I have to admit it, I am an Eddie Murphy fan. The way he speaks, his wit, and comedy always make me laugh. Recently however I was surprised when I was watching one of his latest movies. His character in this particular film had a peculiar problem, he only had 1,000 words left before he died!

Can you imagine if that was a reality in your life? If with each word you said you got closer and closer to the end of your existence. What would you say…would you say anything at all!

Sometimes we underestimate the power of our words, and the very impact they have on our health, on the lives of others, and for the future generations we are molding and shaping with the very sounds that are escaping our lips each day.

People are constantly talking, communicating in person, on the phone, online. We literally fill our skies with our conversations, we broadcast them all over the planet, and beyond.

What is the conversation you are cultivating? What are the things you are talking about? What is the impact the words you are speaking today? 

If you took your last 1,000 words and wrote them down what story would it tell? Are there more I love you’s then I hate you’s? Is there motivation, or desperation in those words. What are the last 1,000 words you said to the people you love. What were the last 1,000 words you spoke to yourself?

Each and every day is not just another chapter in your life, you are also speaking into the lives of others that you know and love, and even those people that would see you fall, even people you will never meet face to face.

What is the conversation, the book, the dialog you want to have with this world, and more importantly are you having it?

We cannot control our last thousand words. As much as we wish we could, We cannot go back and edit them. We can however control the next 1,000. We can make sure this next chapter leaves something worth hearing in it, and if we can continue that process again and again then just maybe our last 1,000 words, our last 10,000, our 100,000 words will be the conversation we wanted to have. Will make the impact we want to make. We will become the change we so desperately wish we could be.

I look forward to my next thousand chances to really express myself, to make a statement worth hearing, and more than that I cannot wait to hear yours!

Peace, and Blessings

Joshua Page